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Personal data is user identification information and includes a name, as well as a personal identification number, address, email address or other personal or business identification data IMOTI VARNA does not collect personal data from its users, unless they are provided through our contact form on our website. The provided personal data will only be used for communication with users.

 IMOTI VARNA employees are required to protect the confidentiality of data and not to disclose confidential information. The information that users provide on the site is determined by themselves.

The data provided is protected against loss, destruction, manipulation, unauthorized access or unauthorized disclosure.

This Privacy Statement refers only to the IMOTI VARNA site. When referring to other sites, the privacy statement of each site that collects personal information should be sought.


"Cookies" and tracking technology


When you visit our website, we place a small text file on your computer called "Cookie". "Cookie" may contain information that allows us to track your visits to our site and determine if you have been on our website before. "Cookies" do not contain any personal information to allow us to identify you unless you register on our site. They cannot be used to read data from your hard drive and cannot retrieve information from cookies created by other sites. We use cookies to understand how visitors use our site, which will help us improve the quality of our service.